What to Feed Cats

on what to feed cats? The key to your cat’s health can be found inside her food bowl. Stumped And, the good news is that you do not need to become a nutritionist to ensure your cat attains the status of PhC — that’s Pretty Healthy Cat. Let’s review some simple advice on what to feed cats:

What to feed cats — the basics

An orange tabby cat in a bowtie thinking about fish and food.

With the help of Elisa Katz, DVM, a veterinarian who serves on the Feline Nutrition Foundation, Catster is happy to school you on some essential nutrients your cat needs and deserves to stay healthy, live long and swat away various diet-influenced diseases like diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel disease, arthritis and more.

“The best diet for cats starts with a real meat — not a meat meal — and is the least processed,” says Dr. Katz, who takes an integrative-holistic approach to caring for cats, dogs and other companion animals at her Holistic Veterinary Center, located in Bourbonnais and Downers Grove, Illinois.

Second insight: The feline biological system lacks a high-thirst drive. There are many health benefits to serving quality canned or commercial raw food diets to your feline.

“Cats were domesticated because they hunted mice away from grain stored on farms, and mice are 70 percent water,” Dr. Katz says. “Cats who don’t have a thirst drive cannot get enough water from eating dry food alone. Their urine becomes concentrated, and their kidneys have to work hard to keep from becoming dehydrated. That’s why cats on dry foods are more likely to develop urinary crystals and stones, and it may be a contributing factor to kidney disease.”

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